Propane gas burners

Propane gas burners are used specifically for the application of bituminous membranes.

Various accessories are available for all our products, in different lengths and with different nozzles.

All the gas burners we produce must go through quality control: every single piece is scrupulously tested to always ensure efficient products.

All the burners we produce in the company are designed to be light, ergonomic and easy to use. They are made entirely of brass and have a double flame regulation system.

produzione bruciatori
Technical Characteristics
Ø nozzle mm Ø orifice mm max operating pressure in bar GPL hour consumption Kg Power Kcal/hour Weight torche’s Kg
30 0.8 1.7 3.00 36000 0.65
50 1.8 2.8 6.00 86400 0.75
70 2.1 3.5 6.11 180000 0.85

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